My Promise

Alfonzo Williams' Promise

Alfonzo Williams

When I take office in January I promise:

  • I will serve you, protect you, and listen to you.
  • I will maintain justice at all times, while honoring the rule of law.
  • I will keep the peace and protect all residents of Burke County.
  • I am prepared to face the various challenges law enforcement officers and administrators encounter today.
  • I will uphold the Constitution of the State of Georgia and the United States of America.
  • I will work to constantly improve the professional standards of the Sheriff's Office.
  • I am accessible to you and committed to answering your questions, relieving your concerns and working with you to build upon the current community-based law enforcement office that will not forget who we serve.
  • I am committed to the utmost professionalism by using the latest technological advances, providing good coaching and mentoring, fair employment and promotion practices and by building and engaging community partnerships to sustain a safe and tranquil quality of life for all of Burke County.

Sincerely, Alfonzo Williams, M.Ed.